Chang Tsi & Partners Leading the Way in Intellectual Property Services – Recognized for Exceptional Credit in 2024



On April 23, 2024, the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry Association released the 2024 Credit Recommendation List for the capital's intellectual property service industry, with Chang Tsi & Partners being honored for its longstanding commitment to honesty, integrity, and standardized practice. This recognition not only signifies acknowledgment of Chang Tsi & Partners' professional service and ethical practice but also serves as encouragement and motivation for the team. As a leading enterprise in the field of intellectual property legal services, Chang Tsi & Partners has always been dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality and most professional services while adhering to the principles of integrity and trustworthiness, earning the trust and praise of numerous clients.

Over the past year, amidst numerous challenges in the domestic and international economic environment, the legal service industry has faced various trials and tribulations. Against the backdrop of a complex and ever-changing global economic environment, Chang Tsi & Partners has not only actively responded to changes, adjusted its global market layout, and optimized client and business structures but also intensified efforts to develop European, Japanese, Korean, and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan markets in response to changes in Sino-US relations. It is particularly noteworthy that, benefiting from the trend of Greater China integration, business in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan has achieved over 40% growth for two consecutive years, with Hong Kong business revenue surging by 146% year-on-year.

In 2023, Chang Tsi & Partners handled 33,414 trademark cases commissioned by clients, with new applications exceeding ten thousand; 3,762 patent cases commissioned by clients, representing a 3.6% year-on-year increase; litigation cases reaching 509, various investigations totaling 1,055, notarizations (excluding web notarizations) amounting to 265, and various counterfeiting cases (administrative and criminal) numbering 169, with revenue surpassing the previous year by comparable metrics, achieving all of these milestones amidst numerous challenges.

In 2024, Chang Tsi & Partners will continue to be guided by professionalism, with the goal of creating maximum value for clients, intensifying market development efforts, and seeking new growth points. Chang Tsi & Partners will continue to enhance work efficiency through process and system optimization and the application of new technologies, prioritize management model reforms, implement management responsibilities for team leaders, and simultaneously enhance the level of cultural construction. Professionally, Chang Tsi & Partners will continue to deepen its expertise in the field of intellectual property services, constantly innovate to enhance core competitiveness, provide clients with more professional services, and contribute even greater efforts to the development of the intellectual property cause.

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