2024 Dalian Customs Specialized Training Session with Changtsi



In 2024, Changtsi has continued to maintain good relationships and close cooperation with customs authorities at various levels across China. Changtsi actively participates in customs training sessions on IP protection organized by local customs, helping its clients to continuously strengthen their efforts in IP border protection.

In conjunction with World Intellectual Property Day, and building on a long-standing close partnership with Changtsi, on April 25th, Dalian Customs has organized a specialized training session with Changtsi. 

Dalian Port, as one of the largest international trade ports in Northeast China, located within Dalian Bay at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, serves as the maritime gateway for the region, providing access to the Pacific Ocean and connecting to the wider world. 

The event invited Changtsi to the Dalian Port to engage in face-to-face discussions with frontline inspection officers, aiming to strengthening the awareness of them regarding the protection of IP rights. This initiative enhances the efficiency and accuracy of inspections, safeguarding the legitimate interests of businesses and consumers. Through such training, officers are better equipped to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit goods, effectively combating IP rights infringements, which is crucial for maintaining market order and protecting consumer interests.

The entire training session lasted over 4 hours, customs inspectors from Dalian Customs and its subordinate customs offices all participated in the training. Changtsi's interaction with Dalian Customs was very smooth, and the atmosphere of the training was enthusiastic.

Next, Changtsi will continue to sign up for training sessions organized by other major port customs, continuously enhancing the understanding of Changtsi's clients among Chinese customs officials, and building a solid "firewall" for IP border protection.


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