The Case Represented by Chang Tsi & Partners Received High Praise from the Changzhou Intermediate People's Court and the Ningguo Procuratorate.



This case is a coordinated action involving both criminal crackdown and civil compensation claims against counterfeit automotive spare parts. In recent years, various counterfeit products related to this brand of automotive parts have been flooding the market. However, due to the diverse types of products, wide-ranging areas of involvement, and various types of infringement, it has been challenging to identify the source of the counterfeit products for effective enforcement actions, despite actions taken against some entities.

At the end of 2022, Chang Tsi & Partners, entrusted by the client, first conducted a review of the main prior rights related to the brand's automotive parts, including trademark rights, design patents, and utility model patents. Subsequently, an analysis of the main shipping areas of automotive parts in the market was conducted, identifying two important provinces, Jiangsu and Anhui. Then, focusing on the most active entities in these two provinces, particularly those with significant sales volume and production capacity, several key entities were selected for online and on-site investigations.

Following this, the civil compensation litigation process was promptly initiated. Initially, the client harbored doubts, believing that the likelihood of pursuing compensation from infringers in China was slim. However, Chang Tsi & Partners obtained compensation totaling several million RMB two months ahead of expectations, and the progress of another civil case proceeded smoothly, resulting in nearly a million RMB in compensation.

With increased confidence, Chang Tsi & Partners assisted the client in comprehensive intellectual property strategic planning, expanding services such as design patent applications, trademark Class P business, online complaints, and customs training. Chang Tsi & Partners will continue to conduct activities such as exhibitions and market surveys, and will collaborate internationally in rights protection actions using customs data to establish a closed-loop system.

The Changzhou Intermediate People's Court has prioritized cracking down on and harshly punishing major infringement cases involving well-known trademarks and trade secrets, considering this case as a "typical case concerning the interests of the masses and attracting high social attention". The Ningguo Procuratorate reported on this case, praising the "inter-regional cooperation, breaking down major compliance challenges for businesses", and highly appreciating the "heartwarming action to help businesses overcome difficulties", describing it as "a collaborative effort of prosecution across 160 kilometers, as well as a heartwarming initiative to assist businesses in distress".

Michael Fu
Partner | Attorney at Law
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