Spring Chang Recognized on WIPR Diversity in IP listings 2024



World IP Review has released its Diversity in IP listings 2024, recognizing legal professionals who drive positive change in the IP community, with Spring Chang, founding partner of Chang Tsi & Partners, making the list.

WIPR is a leading one-stop guide in the intellectual property industry, featuring over 2,500 lawyers dedicated to patent, trademark, and copyright practices. For this selection, the WIPR team conducted a diversity survey in the intellectual property field and consulted opinions from industry professionals to compile the list of candidates. Through a comprehensive analysis of the candidate list and market research conducted internally, WIPR ultimately selected outstanding individuals who have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to IP across four different categories.

WIPR's evaluation of Spring Chang, founding partner at Chang Tsi & Partners, is as follows: Spring Chang is founding partner at Chang Tsi & Partners. She has advised and represented numerous of the world’s leading companies in a wide array of business sectors such as electronics, consumer, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, apparel, and jewellery. Thanks to her creative approach and high efficiency in more than three decades of practice, Spring has been widely recognised as one of the most influential IP lawyers in China by leading legal media as she always provides clients with tailored legal solutions in a rapidly changing Chinese market. She has been also invited by renowned legal associations and institutions worldwide to share her extensive knowledge in trademark and design patent law.

Spring Chang's inclusion in WIPR's 2024 Diversity in IP listings demonstrates her outstanding reputation as a top intellectual property lawyer. With keen legal insight, she has navigated clients' intellectual property protection for many years, making remarkable contributions to the development of the intellectual property field. Spring Chang's dedication, professional competence, and pursuit of excellence serve as a role model for all colleagues at Chang Tsi & Partners.

As a nationally outstanding law firm with intellectual property at its core, Chang Tsi & Partners is committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions to global clients. With a professional legal team, the firm delivers top-notch legal services in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property-related matters. Chang Tsi & Partners adheres to the philosophy of being the best law firm in China, providing clients with the finest legal services to maximize their legitimate rights and interests. Through rich industry experience and profound expertise, Chang Tsi & Partners delivers first-class legal services to help clients protect and realize the value of their intellectual property.

Spring Chang
Founding Partner | Attorney at Law | Trademark Agent
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