Kaiming Bu
Partner Attorney at Law

Kaiming Bu specializes in civil and criminal litigation and foreign direct investment, as well as general corporate law matters. With many years of practical work and theoretical research, Mr. Bu has accumulated rich experiences and excellent litigation skills. Mr. Bu is also an adjunct lecturer at Anhui University Academy of Law.

Since practicing, he has represented dozens of major civil and criminal cases including national influence, published many academic works, published more than ten articles, presided over and participated in more than ten national, provincial and ministerial law research projects.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution / Corporate Law / IP Commercial

Years with IP Matters

2010 until now

Professional Experience

Litigation Lecturer, Anhui University Academy of Law,  Anhui, China
Attorney at Law, Anhui Da An Law Affirm
Director of Case Law Society of China Law Society
Council Member of the Behavior Law Society of China Law Society
Director of the Beijing Law Society Corporate Legal Risk Prevention and Control Research Association
Special researcher of Beijing Normal University International Anti-Corruption Education Research Center
Deputy Director of Criminal Procedure Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association

Representative Cases


  • Specialized in corporate Law, civil litigation and foreign direct investment.
  • Mr. Bu has served as legal consultant for many domestic companies such as China Unicom in Anhui Province.
  • His expertise includes entity formation, maintenance, restructuring and liquidation.
  • Mr. Bu has represented China Unicom and successfully handled civil litigation with Shanghai SEAGULL Ltd.
  • He has represented many clients in litigation and arbitration matters.
  • He has considerable experience in the fields of architectural engineering and real estate disputes and has had substantial success in these types of cases in recent years.
  • Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. v. Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd. and other construction project contract disputes, the second instance of the Supreme People's Court, (2019) Supreme Law Minzhong 116
  • The case of Dayuan Iron Ore Property Dispute in Lanxian County, Shanxi, the case supervised by the Joint Investigation Team of the Central Political and Legal Commission in 2019, Supreme People’s Court (2012) Min Yi Zhong Zi No. 65, (2013) Min Shen Zi No. 979, Supreme Court 2012 Annual bulletin case.
  • Anhui Chizhou Lianhua Mining Co., Ltd. v. Guichi District Government Mining Rights Compensation Case, Anhui Higher People's Court (2019) Wanxingzhong No. 1179.


  • Jia Moulin participated in criminal cases such as triad organizations, Ordos Intermediate People's Court (2020) Nei Xing Chu No. 30, Inner Mongolia High People's Court (2020) Nei Xing Zhong No. 205, some of the charges were not confirmed.
  • Wang Mouqiang led underworld organizations and other cases, Xinzhou Intermediate People’s Court (2020) Jin 09 Xingchu No. 57, Shanxi Higher People’s Court for second instance, led underworld organizations to participate in the crime of underworld organizations, and not prosecuted for some crimes .
  • Pan Mou organized a triad organization and other cases, Dongguan Second People's Court (2020) Yue 1972 Xing Chu No.470, some crimes such as robbery and forced trading were found not guilty.
  • The case of Ye Mou defrauding loans and financial documents, Tieling City Intermediate People's Court (2019) Liao 12 Xing Chu No. 4, Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court (2017) Liao Xing Zhong No. 401, the People's Procuratorate withdrew the prosecution after the second instance ruling was returned for retrial.
  • In the case of Zhang Mousheng’s illegal business operation, Xuzhou Intermediate People’s Court (2016) Su 03 Xing Zhong No. 414, failed to confirm the main facts of the allegations.
  • The case of He Mouming falsely issuing value-added tax invoices, Dezhou City People’s Court of Shandong Province (2014) Dezhong Xing Er Chu Zi No. 11, suspended sentence at first instance, no appeal.
  • The case of bribery and abuse of power by Wei Moufa, Liangshan County Court of Shandong Province (2012) Liang Xing Chu Zi No. 284, the first instance found that the two main allegations were unfounded and no appeal.


Doctor of Laws, Beijing Normal University, College of Criminal Law Science (2010)
Master of Laws, Anhui University Academy of Law (2004)
Bachelor of Engineering, Anhui University, Chemistry Department (1996)

Published Works

  • "Criminal Judicial Power Allocation Theory", personal monograph, China Legal Publishing House, 2016 edition
  • "The Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China", co-authored, China University of Political Science and Law Press, 2012 edition
  • "The Interpretation and Practical Guide of "The Supreme People's Court on the Application of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China", co-author, China Democracy and Legal System Press, 2013 edition
  • "Research on the Construction of the Legal System of Social Consultation Mechanism", co-authored, published in "China Judicature" 2011 Issue 12
  • "On the Perfection of my country's Criminal Procedural Power Check and Balance System", "China Judicature", Issue 10, 2011
  • "On Unit Testimony in Criminal Procedure", "Chinese Journal of Criminal Law", Issue 3, 2005

Participated projects

  • Participated in more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial academic research projects. Representative projects include:
  • "Empirical Research on Evaluation Indicators of Criminal Justice Services", a key project of the National Social Science Fund
  • "Constitutional Analysis and Research on the Limitation of Death Penalty", National Social Science Foundation project
  • "Research on the Evidence System of Bribery Cases", a project of the Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund of the Ministry of Education

Bar Admission

China Bar (2004)