Freda Han
Partner Attorney at Law

Freda Han is one of the partners of Chang Tsi & Partners and also serves as a Vice President of Beijing Lawyers Association (BLA).

Freda has long devoted herself to the work of the BLA and Beijing Xicheng Lawyers Association (BXLA). She is not only a self-disciplined lawyer, but also sets an example for many young lawyers who have professional ideals. Freda set up the "Criminal Defense Lecture at the Peking University Law School, which provides a platform for legal experts and reputed lawyers to deliver lectures and for interns and students from the University to study and discuss criminal defense skills together, and now the program has become a cradle of eloquent lawyers.

"People-oriented services" is the creed to which Freda Han always adheres in her work, especially in handling legal affairs involving national policies and social stability. In the case of a Beijing state-owned assets company involving bankruptcy and reorganization in Neijiang, Sichuan, Ms. Han, as the authorized attorney, based on the humanized concept to properly settle the problems concerning more than 15,000 employees of the company, thereby indirectly dealing with the living issues of more than 50,000 people and assisting the local government in resolving the social conflict. Her contribution to a harmonious society has been praised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, Beijing Municipal SASAC and Sichuan Provincial SASAC.

As a female legal practitioner, Freda Han always considers herself responsible for "vulnerable groups” and “public welfare", and encourages the colleagues in the firm to jointly support social welfare undertakings such as legal aid. With regard to a client suffering financial disadvantage, she often makes her every effort to handle the situation, such as filing an application for suspension or exemption of litigation fees. As she said, kindness is the true balance in one`s heart, and being a virtuous and good lawyer is far more important than being a rich and famous lawyer. Ms. Han has won the recognition from the clients, the peers and the judiciary with her profound basic skills in law and a high sense of social responsibility and mission, and thus she was awarded the title of "Advanced Individual in Beijing's Judicial System". Freda Han has never forgotten why she began her career and kept in mind what she should do. With her practical actions, she is composing a more brilliant chapter of an outstanding legal worker.

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Antitrust & Unfair Competition / Litigation & Dispute Resolution / Corporate Law

Years with IP Matters

1987 until now

Professional Experience

Partner, Chang Tsi & Partners (2019-current)
Director, Jeekai&Partners Law Firm (2000-2019)
Vice General Manager, Beijing Jinghai Group Company (1996-2000)
Part-time Lawyer, Dagong Law Offices, Heilongjiang (1990-1996)
Harbin Economic Cooperation Administration (1989-1995)
Heilongjiang Law Firm (1987-1989)

Positions in Lawyers Associations

Lawyer Delegate to the Ninth BLA Congress/ Associate Director of Rules and Regulations Committee/ Secretary-General of Women Lawyers Committee
Lawyer Delegate to the Tenth BLA Congress and Member of the Council/ Director of Young Lawyers Committee/ Chairwoman of Young Lawyers Sodality/ Associate Director of Professional Guidance and Continuing Education Committee (the Constitution)
Member of Professional Guidance and Continuing Education Committee (State-owned Assets) of the BLA
Lawyer Delegate to the Eleventh BLA Congress and Member of the Council/ Vice President of the BLA
Member of the Council of the First Congress of the BXLA/ Director of Members Affairs Committee
Lawyer Delegate to the Second Congress of the BXLA/ Member of the Council/ Vice President of the BXLA
Lawyer Delegate to the Third Congress of the BXLA/ Member of the Council/ Vice President of the BXLA

Social Titles

  • Member of the Lawyers Association under China Law Society;
  • Member of Lawyer Academy of Renmin University of China;
  • Member of the service alliance expert group of the "Voice of Youth";
  • Legal expert consultant of the Legal Theme Pavilion of the Capital Library;
  • Member of the legal counsel group of Beijing Xicheng District People`s Government;
  • Executive Director of Xicheng District Law Society;
  • Delegates of the Second Women`s Congress in Xicheng District, Beijing;
  • Member of the Council of the Red Cross Society of Xicheng District, Beijing;
  • Volunteer Lawyer for Litigation Services of the Litigation Service Center of the Supreme People's Court;
  • Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Beijing Lawyers Association;
  • Abitrator for CIETAC Hainan Arbitration Court.

Selected Honors

  • TOP 50 IP Lawyers by Zhichanli
  • “2017 Beijing Lawyer Models” nominated by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Office of the Capital Committee for the Development of Spiritual Civilization in 2018
  • “Advanced Individual in Beijing's Judicial System” recognized in December, 2012


Transformational Operation Method of Government Investment and Financing Platform, Co-author, China Economic Publishing House


Heilongjiang University(1987)

Bar Admission

China Bar(1994)


  • Mandarin Chinese
  • English