Dispute Resolution

Litigation and arbitration are two of Chang Tsi's core services. Our firm has many senior lawyers who focus on commercial litigation, arbitration and other types of dispute settlement. With years of experiences handling litigation and disputes of all types, Chang Tsi's attorneys have successfully resolved many complicated and difficult cases for our clients.

Dispute Resolution

Attorneys at Chang Tsi are dedicated to developing and implementing practical and client-oriented dispute resolution strategies for our clients, while always striving to maximize our client's interests. Throughout the process of representing our clients, our attorneys try their utmost to realize the objectives of our clients by making full use of their strong social networks. Chang Tsi is proud of our record in securing victories for clients in litigation and arbitrations, including our appellate work.

  1. Providing case background investigation and evidence collection related notary, appraisal, audit services, assisting clients in collecting relevant evidence
  2. Analysis of litigation case facts and claims and litigation strategy design
  3. Preservation of evidence, property preservation before litigation
  4. Application for preliminary injunction of IP cases
  5. Drafting legal instruments relating to litigation
  6. Attending court hearing on behalf of clients
  7. Final appeal and retrial cases
  8. Enforcement of litigation judgments

Representative Cases

  1. Invalidation Case Against Plagiarizing OREO's Trademarks [2023 Top 10 IP Cases by Wuxi Municipal Court and 2023 Top 10 IP Cases by Beijing Xicheng District Lawyers Association]
  2. Dispute Over Information Online Dissemination Rights [“2023 Deal of the year” by China Business Law Journal]
  3. Invalidation Case of the Design Patent Named "Automobile" [2022 Top 10 Patent Reexamination and Invalidation Cases by the China National Intellectual Property Administration]
  4. Chen's Retrial Case of Selling Counterfeit Trademarked Goods [2022 Top 10 IP Cases by Chongqing Municipal Court]
  5. Baidu v.s. Fujian Yongan Endian Co., Ltd. ["2022 Top 10 IP Cases" by Fujian Provincial People's Court]
  6. MICHAEL KORS v.s. Shantou Chenghai Jianfa Handbag Craft Factory [“Deal of the year”&“The Top Ten Intellectual Property Case with Research Value”&“Representative Case of the Year” recommended by the Supreme Court, Zhejiang High Court and Hangzhou Intermediate Court]
  7. Ambitmicro Technology Limited. v. Ambiq Micro,Inc. and Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ["2019 Top 10 IP Cases" by Shanghai People's Court]
  8. Dongfang Xianglin v.s. Shenzhen Pagoda Orchard [2019 Top 10 Representative IP Cases]
  9. Chen’s sales of sanitary products with a “TOTO” counterfeit trademark [2019 Top 10 Representative IP Cases]
  10. BOE Technology Group Co,Ltd. & Beijing Orient Vacuum Electric Co, Ltd. Suing Wenzhou BOE Vacuum Electric Co, Ltd. Unfair Competition ["2019 Top 10 IP Administrative Protection Cases" by Ningbo People's Court]
  11. Guinness World Records v. Chery Automobile: Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition ["2017 Deal of the Year" by Chinese Business Law Journal]
  12. Under Armour v. Fujian Tingfeilong [2018 Outstanding Trademark Cases, reported by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Law360, etc.]
  13. LEVI STRAUSS & Co. vs. Guangzhou City Yixuan Apparel Co., Ltd. and Liu Zuofu ["Outstanding Cases" by Guangzhou IP Court]
  14. Infringement of Tupperware’s Trademark [2017 Top 10 Representative IP cases of Procuratorates in China]
  15. Administrative Dispute over the Request for Declaration of Invalidation of the Trademark “蒂凡尼”(Tiffany) [Representative Cases against Malicious Trademark Registration]
  16. Trademark Infringement Case on behalf of Six Continents Hotel  ["2015 Deal of the Year" by Chinese Business Law Journal]
  17. BorgWarner v.s. Counterfeit Manufacturers [Top 10 Representative Cases in Shandong Province]
  18. Comprehensive Trademark Protection Work for the Tang Brand of Drinks ["2014 Deal of the Year" by Chinese Business Law Journal]
  19. Air China IP Protection Cases ["2010 Deal of the Year" by Chinese Business Law Journal]
  20. Represented Midea to file an Invalidation against Invention of a Two-stage Dust and Gas Separation Structure
  21. Well-known Trademark Recognition and Litigation for Skechers
  22. Well-known Trademark Recognition and Litigation for Levi's
  23. TOTO Trademark Protection Project
  24. VOLTALERT (Fluke) Trademark Protection Project
  25. Legal Opinion For Spectrum Brands

Alternative Dispute Resolution(Arbitration, Negotiation and Consultation)

Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to non-litigious dispute resolution procedures outside the traditional litigation system. The mechanism includes self-determination, self-help reconciliation, as well as mediation, arbitration and other social remedy methods. And compared to litigation, alternative dispute resolution has more advantages, as it is more convenient, faster, more flexible and less expensive.


Attorneys at Chang Tsi enjoy a high reputation for their work in civil and commercial arbitration, labor dispute arbitration and personnel dispute arbitration.

Our services include:

  1. Background investigations, related notarizations and evidence gathering for arbitration cases.
  2. Providing legal analysis and strategies on arbitration and litigation.
  3. Drafting arbitration related legal instruments.
  4. Representing clients in arbitration proceedings.
  5. Representing clients in arbitration decision enforcement proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution-Negotiation and Consulation

In addition to litigation and arbitration, negotiation and consultation has become an important method of resolving disputes in China for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Attorneys at Chang Tsi & Partners can help develop a negotiation plan that is specifically tailored for the case to best help safeguard and maximize the client’s interests.

Our services include:

  1. Developing negotiation plans.
  2. Representing or assisting clients  in settlement negotiations.
  3. Drafting or reviewing settlement agreements.

Representative Cases

  1. Negotiations with Trademark Infringers for HBI
  2. Provided Legal Services Regarding Court Negotiations for a subsidiary of ITW in China
  3. Neogiations Regarding Trademark Licensing for Nanjing University
  4. Neogiations Regading Trademark Purchase of "PLANTIFIQUE"
  5. Neogiations Regading Trademark Purchase of "NEON BUBBLE"
  6. Neogiations Regading Trademark Purchase for Ashley Homestore
  7. Neogiations Regading Trademark Purchase of "KOTTO" 
  8. Investigations and Neogiations AgainstTrademark Infrigenment of "Air China Hotel" in Xi'an
  9. Notarial Invetigations on Illegal Comments on Amazon Website
  10. Negotiations with Trademark Infringers for TOTO
  11. Negotiations with Trademark Infringers for ARROW


Attorneys at Chang Tsi & Partners are highly regarded by the Chinese judiciary for their legal excellence, diligence, professionalism and outstanding communication skills. Chang Tsi has been widely recognized as a leading law firm in dealing with sophisticated and important litigation matters. Many cases handled by Chang Tsi have had widespread and extensive influence, and several cases have been recognized as typical cases by the Chinese Supreme Court and other Courts in China. In a typical matter, Chang Tsi successfully represented a famous domestic construction company in a real estate dispute involving RMB 320 million. This case was highlighted by the Beijing High People's Court, as a representative matter for a visiting Hong Kong Bar Association Delegation. In another case, Chang Tsi successfully represented the famous American company Honeywell in a trademark infringement and unfair competition litigation against a Chinese company in Shenyang. This case was highlighted as a model case by the Liaoning Intermediate People's Court. In this case, Honeywell not only prevailed, its Chinese version trademark was recognized as a Well-Known Trademark. Our services include:

  1. Providing background investigations and evidence-related notarizations, authentication, and audit services for litigation and meditation cases.
  2. Providing analysis of the facts and claims and designing strategies for litigation and meditation cases.
  3. Evidence preservation before and during litigation.
  4. Drafting legal documents for litigation and arbitration.
  5. Participating in court proceedings for litigation and arbitration.
  6. Representing clients in negotiations, conciliations or mediations.
  7. Arguing complaints and retrials.
  8. Assistance with enforcement and implementation of litigation judgments, arbitration decisions and other legal documents.