INTA Annual Meeting 2024: Chang Tsi's Unwavering Commitment to Excellence in IP Law



May 18th marks the opening of the INTA Annual Meeting 2024 in the vibrant city of Atlanta. Chang Tsi is honored to be part of this prestigious event. This marks a significant opportunity for our team, with 15 of our experts specializing in trademarks, design, and corporate law actively engaging in seminars and table topic discussions.

During the 2024 INTA Annual Meeting, the renowned trademark AI search and analysis platform, MOZLEN, released the 2024 "MOZLEN 500" global list of Chinese foreign-related trademark agencies. Among nearly 40,000 trademark agencies registered with the China National Intellectual Property Administration, Chang Tsi & Partners was ranked in the "TOP10" of China's 500 foreign-related trademark agencies and awarded the "Diamond AAA+++" rating (the highest level). This recognition underscores Chang Tsi’s outstanding international client trademark agency experience, comprehensive business strength, and international influence. Our firm also excelled in various key national business rankings and received notable recommendations.

Chang Tsi & Partners proudly participated in INTA’s table topic discussions, an esteemed forum where leading minds in intellectual property law converge to share knowledge and insights. Our distinguished attorneys facilitated critical discussions on pressing issues in IP law:

* Table Topic by Ron Tsi: "Top Tips on Securing High Damages Awards in Trademark Infringement Cases in China"
* Table Topic by Emma Ma: "Discussion on Examination Opinions Issued for Trademark Applications Not Intended for Use Pursuant to Article 4 of Revised Trademark Law in China"
* Table Topic by Nana Zhang: "Strategies for Defending Against Non-Use Cancellations"
* Table Topic by David Liu: "Overall Analysis of Design Patents in the Auto Industry"
* Table Topic by Tracy Shen: "IP Border Protection"

These sessions were meticulously designed to provide participants with a wealth of practical knowledge and an edge in the dynamic field of IP law. Attendees engaged deeply with the content, gaining insider perspectives and enhancing their understanding of IP law.

On May 21, we hosted Chang Tsi & Partners Reception at the 2024 INTA Annual Meetings at Sun Dial Restaurant & View, Atlanta.
The event was a resounding success, uniting professionals and friends from all over the world. The event brought together numerous professionals and friends from around the world, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie.
It provided an exceptional opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful conversations, sharing valuable insights on the latest trends in intellectual property, and building stronger bonds within our professional community.

Throughout the event, Chang Tsi & Partners engaged with peers, shared our expertise, and explored the latest developments in the field. Our participation not only reinforced our commitment to excellence in intellectual property law but also demonstrated our leadership in the industry. We look forward to continuing our contributions to the global IP community and fostering innovation and collaboration across borders.

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