Fantastic news! Chang Tsi’s Hong Kong Team successfully overcome another hard-won absolute-grounds objection in Hong Kong



The client is a famous mobile software company focused on mobile deep linking and attribution. The client filed an application for registration of a word mark consisting of the words “DEEP” and “VIEWS” in Classes 9 and 42 in Hong Kong. The Registrar of Hong Kong Trade Marks Registry considers the mark as being descriptive and indistinctive as “DEEP” and “VIEWS” are both common English words with recognized meanings and they collectively describe the applied-for goods and services pertain to intellectually profound views or views far from surfaces, areas, or the earth and sun. 

With rich experience in similar battles, Hong Kong team colleagues accurately picked the turly non-registrable goods/services in the Examiner’s eyes and advised the client to file restiction of goods/services in this regard. After restiction of the applied-for goods and services to the client’s core interest, combined with well-rounded arguments about the non-sensical internal connotation of the mark as a whole, the objection was favorable overcome and the client is highly appreciative that one of their core marks get saved!

Chang Tsi’s Hong Kong Team is extremely good at such complicated trademark cases in Hong Kong. Should any assistance be required in Hong Kong, please always feel free to contact Lihan<>and her HongKongTeam <>. The Team will be your valuable legal partner and maybe the next mark fortunately being saved is your core mark!

Lihan Yang
Attorney at Law | Trademark Agent
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