Chang Tsi & Partners Recognised as “Most Trustworthy Partner” by BorgWarner



Recently, Chang Tsi & Partners has been recognised as the “Most Trustworthy Partner” by BorgWarner for its continuous and effective legal support. 

BorgWarner is one of the world's largest auto parts suppliers, and turbocharger products are one of the core products of BorgWarner, which provides power solutions for many world-renowned auto manufacturers. However, a number of fake turbochargers with BorgWarner’s trademarks have entered local market, which in turn has become a serious threat to consumers’ safety and BorgWarner’s reputation. 


For a long time, Chang Tsi & Partners has tailored intellectual property strategies for BorgWarner to protect its intellectual property right in China, and achieve a successful result. With the support of Chang Tsi & Partners, the police force has descended on two major illegal workshops, where 7,887 finished or semi-finished infringing products and about 19,000 infringing marks and packages were found and seized, approximately valuing 41 million CNY. In addition, 12 suspects were arrested by the police.

Considering a large number of infringing products and a huge distribution network involving 18 provinces, the Ministry of Public Security launched a cluster campaign against the distributors. In 2021, Chang Tsi, on behalf of BorgWarner, worked closely with Ningbo Public Security to launch targeted criminal crackdowns on key distributors in 6 provinces, arresting a number of criminal suspects, and detaining a large number of unsold infringing products.

We are proud to see that it is now difficult to find infringing BorgWarner turbochargers in the auto parts market. We conducted big data analyses to identify the source and supported our client going through the subsequent litigation and settlement process. We are not only professional in providing tailored legal advice for clients, but also keen on formulating practical and feasible IP strategies costumed for each client.


Ason Zhang
Partner | Attorney at Law
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