Poverty Reduction and Quality Education

Global projections show that by 2030, more than 200 million children would be without access to education, and only 60 per cent of youth would have completed an upper secondary education. In response, Chang Tsi & Partners -- in close collaboration with our clients, legal societies and NGOs -- has committed to continuously providing support to individuals suffering from poverty, hunger, insufficient education and natural disasters.

The establishment of the ChangTsi Fund is emblematic of our dedication to these causes, as it seeks to bridge financial shortcomings within schools in mountain villages and amongst children unable to finish their schooling due to financial reasons. Specifically, we support Xingxing San, a Chinese group that assists children with autism, as well as the Yiya Organization, which provides schooling and support for hearing-impaired children. In Tibet, we recently started a long-term program, aiming to improve the facilities of local primary schools in Tibetan villages.

We also provide people living in suburban areas, who cannot afford legal service, with free legal advice and assistance. We are proud of our efforts that have allowed more people to protect themselves with the law.