Chang Tsi & Partners Delivers Specialized Training on New Patent Laws



On January 25, 2024, just six days after the launching of the Implementation Rules of the Chinese Patent Law and Examination Guidelines, Chang Tsi & Partners conducted customized professional training for clients, comprehensively interpreting the changes to the patent legislation that took effect on January 20. This was aimed at helping clients better adapt to market changes and protect their rights. During the training, there was an enthusiastic discussion on the rationale, content, and impact of the changes in the examination guidelines, providing fresh insights into the clients' intellectual property protection strategies.

Chang Tsi & Partners is committed to offering high-quality, value-added legal services tailored to the actual needs of clients and consistently making legal training an integral part of our service to ensure clients stay at the forefront of legal and regulatory changes, confidently face various challenges, and have their rights effectively safeguarded.

In 2023, Chang Tsi organized over 30 patent trainings for our clients from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and China, with industries ranging from new energy vehicles and consumer goods to medical pharmaceuticals and high-tech industries. In 2024, Chang Tsi will continue to expand the scope and explore the content of training, looking forward to more clients joining the activities for mutual growth and success!

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