Simon Tsi and Spring Chang Acknowledged by China Business Law Journal on The A-List 2023-24: Growth Drivers



Recently, after extensive research, the renowned legal rating agency China Business Law Journal (CBLJ) released its "The A-List" for 2023-2024. To align with the evolving dynamics of the legal industry and respond to market feedback and suggestions, CBLJ has expanded The A-List awards this year by introducing three distinct categories. Each category recognises elite lawyers for their outstanding performance in the past year. Among the winners, Founding Partners of Chang Tsi & Partners, Simon Tsi and Spring Chang were honored as "Growth Drivers".

Growth Drivers represent the key players in law firms ‒ the stalwarts with rich practice experience and profound legal acumen. These seasoned lawyers are active at the forefront of the market, boasting outstanding reputations and robust revenue-generating capabilities.

CBLJ comments, 'With impressive track records, they excel in business development and drive intense market competition. Battle-tested and armed with acute insights, they can swiftly comprehend and master the dynamic changes in the legal landscape. Renowned for their exceptional professional capabilities, they not only create tangible value for clients but also contribute significantly to the sustained growth of their respective law firms.'

Simon Tsi and Spring Chang have earned the trust of clients and established a good reputation in the industry with their solid professional skills and extensive experience. The upgraded awards by China Business Law Journal further refine the positioning of the winning lawyers. The "Growth Drivers" represent the best practitioners and business leaders of the industry. Therefore, this award is a high recognition of the comprehensive abilities, rich practice experience, and profound legal skills of Simon Tsi and Spring Chang.

Chang Tsi & Partners has always adhered to the philosophy of "being the best law firm in China, providing the most outstanding legal services, and maximizing the legitimate rights and interests of clients." We continuously strive for excellence and will continue to uphold the excellence, providing comprehensive intellectual property legal support to clients, and helping them succeed in the global market.

Spring Chang
Founding Partner | Attorney at Law | Trademark Agent
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